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HP 8/8 (8) Full Fabric Ports Enabled SAN Switch

Přidat do oblíbenýchHP 8/8 (8) Full Fabric Ports Enabled SAN Switch
<p><strong>HP 8/8 (8) Full Fabric Ports Enabled SAN Switch</strong></p> <ul> <li>8/8 SAN switch with 8 active ports; rackmount kit, accessory kit (enterprise safety and regulatory information, installation guide, rack-mounting instructions), power cords, single power supply, serial cable, base software of Full Fabric, Advanced Fabric OS, Advanced Web Tools, and Advanced Zoning</li> </ul>.

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Part numberAM867C
EAN produktu4514953983304
Záruka:12 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobce:Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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The new 8/8 Base SAN Switch and 8/8 SAN Switch are targeted for small to medium sized enterprises and are ideal for entry-level SANs, and as an edge switch for core-to-edge SAN environments. The 8/8 Base SAN Switch and 8/8 SAN Switch provide SAN connectivity that simplifies IT management infrastructures, improves system performance, maximizes the value of virtual server deployments, and reduces overall storage costs.

The 8/8 SAN Switch integrates innovative hardware and software features that make it easy to deploy, manage, and integrate into a wide range of IT environments. The 8 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel 8/8 Base SAN Switch provides a simple, affordable, single-switch solution for a new, small SAN installation and connects to storage and servers only. An optional Full Fabric SAN scaling license provides connectivity to other switches. The 8/8 SAN Switch has 8 active ports and can be connected to multiple switches and scale to full fabric limits as defined in the SAN Design Guide. Both new 8 port switches provide growth options with Ports On Demand, the ability to activate additional ports in 8 port increments to a maximum of 24 ports. This provides the flexibility to start small and grow storage networks in a non-disruptive manner. In addition, organizations can choose to initially deploy 4 Gbit/sec SFPs and upgrade to 8 Gbit/sec SFP+ at a later date when necessary.

The 8/8 SAN Switch significantly increases performance and functionality for SANs at an entry-level price. The 8/8 SAN Switch provides auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gbit/sec full duplex performance to enable up to 128 Gbit/sec of uncongested throughput. Auto-sensing and speed-matching of data traffic provides interoperability with previous 1, 2, and 4 Gbit/sec devices. To provide more targeted performance, enhanced Inter-Switch Link (ISL) Trunking combines up to eight ISLs between a pair of switches into a single, logical high-speed trunk capable of up to 64 Gbit/sec of throughput. The evolutionary design provides these capabilities while consuming less than 2.5 watts of power per port for exceptional power and cooling efficiency.

An optional enhanced Power Pack+ software bundle can be purchased separately and includes Adaptive Networking, Fabric Watch, ISL Trunking, Extended Fabric and Advanced Performance Monitor. The software bundle provides the SAN administrator with the necessary tools to proactively monitor the health and performance thresholds of the network, while also ensuring the highest levels of security, scalability and manageability. Enhanced capabilities are based on the new Adaptive Networking software, a suite of tools for optimizing fabric behavior and ensuring ample bandwidth for mission-critical applications. Power Pack+ software enables infrastructure management through a single-pane-of-glass.

Product Highlights

24 non-blocking ports Eight enabled ports with expandability to 16 or 24 ports; auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, or 8 Gb universal, self-configuring ports (F, FL, E). Can be programmed to fixed 1 Gb, 2 Gb, 4Gb, or 8Gb speed.

Configuration support 8/8 SAN Switch will interoperate with 1Gb ,2Gb, 4Gb, 8Gb/s B-Series SAN Switches running the firmware version as defined in the SAN Design Guide: http://www.hp.com/go/sandesignguide

High-availability features

  • Hot Code Load Activation

Advanced Fabric Services

  • Adaptive Networking (optional)

  • ISL Trunking (optional)

  • Hardware Enforced Zoning

  • Web Tools

  • Fabric Watch (optional)

  • Advanced Performance Monitor (optional)

  • Extended Fabric (optional)

  • Fabric Manager (optional)


  • Web Tools

  • Radius

  • API

  • IP

  • SNMP


  • 8/8 Base SAN Switch has zero e-port connectivity and connects to storage or servers only (single-switch connectivity). An optional Full Fabric SAN scaling license provides connection to switches

  • 8/8 SAN Switch scales to the maximum limits defined in the SAN Design Guide:

Cabinet Support

  • HP StorageWorks (22U, 36U and 42U) 9000 and 10000 G1 Series, (25U, 33U and 41U) HP System/e, and the new 42U HP 10000 G2 Series
    NOTE: To order factory integration, add 0D1 after the part number on your sales order.

Software Components
Frame Filtering An ASIC based capability in the 8Gb family of switches that enables new applications and features. The switch now has the ability to "view" the first 64 bytes of the Fibre Channel frame. At this time, Frame Filtering enables advanced capabilities such as Advanced Zoning and Advanced Performance Monitoring.

Advanced Zoning WWN Zoning and Access Control are enforced by hardware that provides the same simple administration previously enforced only with software. Administrators can organize a physical fabric into logical groups and prevent unauthorized access by devices outside the Zone.

Web Tools Enables organizations to monitor and manage single Fibre Channel switches and small SAN fabrics. Tasks can be performed through a Java-capable Web browser from a standard laptop, desktop PC or workstation from any location within the enterprise.

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