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ARCTIC držák na 2 monitory Z2 Basic

Přidat do oblíbenýchARCTIC držák na 2 monitory Z2 Basic
Typ příslušenství:Držáky a stojany.

Kód produktu496231
Part numberAEMNT00040A
EAN produktu4895213700948
Záruka:24 Měsíc(ů)
Výrobce:Arctic Cooling
Skladová dostupnost:Na dotaz
Běžná cena
2026 Kč
Vaše cena bez DPH
1066.12 Kč
Vaše cena včetně DPH
1290 Kč
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Hlídací pes

Z2 Basic

  • Easy Installation
  • Ergonomic Seating Position
  • Cable Management Frees Your Desk

Work Efficiently
Increase your efficiency with the Z2 Basic dual monitor arm: It is often helpful to work with multiple screens at the same time to keep important applications parallel in view. The Z2 Basic extends your view and thereby simplifies not only your work, but it also allows you to work more efficiently.

More Flexibility
Turn your monitor horizontal in any direction in an easy and convenient way.

Adjustment without Removing the Monitor
With the Z2 Basic mounting head, tighten or loosen the swivel per your need in just a few seconds. No need to take the monitor down.

Quick and Easy Installation
The monitor arm can be mounted on most surfaces with the sturdy and adjustable clamp which fits the edge of your desk in various thicknesses.

Ergonomic Seating Position
Pay attention to your health, also in the office. So the Z2 Basic your ergonomic seating position through ideal alignment according to your individual eye level.

VESA Standard: 75 / 100
Maximum Monitor Weight: 8 kg (17.6 lbs) per mount
LCD size: 13" - 27"
Tilt: +/- 15°
Swivel: 180°
Rotation: 360°
Color: black
Product weight: 3.00 kg
Packing size (L x H x W): 430 x 217 x 82 mm
Packing weight: 3.55 kg
Warranty: 2 years
More tech. info: https://www.arctic.ac/eu_en/z2-basic.html
EAN: 872767008793

Typ příslušenství: Držáky a stojany
Aktuální cena produktu je1290Kč  s dph
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